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ART TAICHUNG 2017 台中藝術博覽會


ART TAICHUNG 2017 台中藝術博覽會

「ART TAICHUNG 2017 台中藝術博覽會」將於7月21至23日假台中日月千禧酒店盛大登場!大河美術此次將帶來八位藝術家的優秀作品並以中小型雕塑為主,以呼應大會年度主題《以身為度:尋訪城市中的雕塑》,聚焦雕塑如何提升城市的美學品味,透過多元的小型作品作為入門收藏,以期使藝術融入城市生活中。誠摯歡迎您的蒞臨這場精彩豐富的藝術饗宴! 



|展覽日期|07/21 (五) – 07/23 (日) 
|開放時間|12:00 – 19:00
|貴賓預展|07/20 (四) 15:00 – 19:00


“ART TAICHUNG 2017” will take place at the Millennium Hotel Taichung! This time, RIVER ART is going to showcase excellent works by eight artists and take small to middle scale sculptures as the main subject in response to the overarching theme of this year “Perceptual Dimensions: Sculptures in the City” which will focus on how to elevate a city’s aesthetic sense, hoping that art becomes part of city life through diversely small-scale pieces as a gateway for collecting. We cordially welcome you to join this fascinating art feast!

【Exhibiting Artists】
HUNG Yi , LI Chen , CHANH Shan, LIU Je-Rong, CHEN Yenping, CHIU Yi-Chen, Ryota NISHIOKA, Yoshitoma NARA

Millennium Hotel Taichung
RIVER ART Exhibiting Room: No.1009

| Duration | 07.21 (Fri) - 07.23 (Sun) 
| Opening hours | 12PM – 7PM
| Preview | 07.20 (Thu) 3 PM - 7PM

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