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ART TAIPEI 2019 台北國際藝術博覽會:超時空行旅──邱奕辰個展 Hyper-spacetime Travel-CHIU Yi-Chen Solo Exhibition


ART TAIPEI 2019 台北國際藝術博覽會





10/18 (五) 14:00-19:00
10/19 (六) 11:00-19:00
10/20 (日) 11:00-19:00
10/21 (一) 11:00-18:00

10/17 (四) 12:00-15:00

10/17 (四) 15:00-21:00
10/18 (五) 11:00-14:00


In the 2019 Art Taipei, River Art will special launch our exclusive-represented artist Chiu Yi-Chen’s latest solo exhibition “Hyper-spacetime Travel”. Being a post-90s emerging Taiwanese artist, Chiu Yi-Chen graduated from National Taiwan University of Arts with a bachelor degree in Painting and Calligraphy Arts and a master degree in Plastic Arts. His works were collected by National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts and Chimei Museum, and he was honored the 29th Chimei Art Award under the western realistic painting category as well as the 5th Grand View Emerging Artists Award under Creation Category in 2017.

For this solo exhibition, Chiu Yi-Chen will introduce the 2018-2019 brand new “Mountain Language” series and “Field” series, as well as the first attempted neon light installation. Through the magical scenes created by his own life experiences, he guides the viewers to experience a story that is liberated from linear time which is like hyper-spacetime travel, an orbit between reality and surrealism. In addition to surpassing time and space, he utilizes continuous turns and expansions, much like the infinite space in movies and video games, constructing the story connecting the two series between the symbols belonging to the artist or its own context. It transcends the frame of a single work, leading the viewers to explore more possibilities while also creating “Hyper-spacetime Travel” that is intertwined by scenes, places, humanities, and memories.

After Art Taipei, these works will be re-exhibited in our gallery from Dec. 7, 2019 to Jan. 23, 2020. We sincerely invite you to visit us for the after-show!

Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1
RIVER ART Booth: D03

| Public Opening |
10/18 (Fri) 14:00-19:00
10/19 (Sat) 11:00-19:00
10/20 (Sun) 11:00-19:00
10/21 (Mon) 11:00-18:00

| SVIP Preview |
10/17 (Thu) 12:00-15:00

| VIP Preview |  
10/17 (Thu) 15:00-21:00
10/18 (Fri) 11:00-14:00

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