陳硯平 CHEN Yenping

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陳硯平,1986年生於台灣台北,畢業於嘉義大學美術系學士班、實踐大學媒體傳達設計系碩士班。作品曾入選2017高雄獎及2017 Young Art Taipei新潮賞。其創作呈現了外在世界與內在思緒交互作用之下所引發的衝突、未知與不安的感受,以多元性的創作技法將複合媒材塗抹、噴灑、拼貼、縫補於畫布上,連結幻覺體驗和真實物質,並將抽象情感轉為可被理解的訊息,引領觀眾走入一個幻象的世界。與美國聲音藝術家Ryan Campos合作,由Ryan為其作品製作配樂,試圖在虛擬社群和真實世界,視覺和聽覺之間,邀請觀者進入身歷其境的完整體驗,聆聽隱藏在聲音表象背後的聲響,在畫面之中找尋曲徑通幽之美。 

CHEN Yenping was born in 1986 in Taipei, Taiwan. He graduated from National Chiayi University with a bachelor degree in Fine Arts and Shih Chien University with a master degree in Communications Design. His works were selected by Kaohsiung Award and Young Art Award in 2017. His works present the feelings of conflicts, unknowns and uneasiness that are triggered by the interaction of outer world and inner thoughts. He uses mixed media with diverse creative techniques to smear, spray, collage, and stitch on canvas. It connects the hallucination experiences with the reflection of real world and converts the abstract emotions into understandable messages, guiding people to walk into a phantom world. He cooperates with Ryan Campos, an American sound artist, who produces scores for his works. Between virtual community and real world, vision and hearing, he invites viewers to be wholly experienced as if virtually being there, to listen to the sound hidden beneath the surface and to find the beauty of winding path that leads to a secluded quiet place from the images. 


作品 Works




2009  嘉義大學美術學系,台灣嘉義 

2014  實踐大學媒體傳達設計系碩士班,台灣台北 


2018 「ART CENTRAL」,大河美術展位,香港

2017 「機械新秩序Part I–陳硯平個展」,

2016 「消蝕.迴光–陳硯平個展」,大河美術,台灣苗栗 

2014 「當代數位人與其環境的繪話」,文化一七九藝術空間,台灣新北 

2013 「靜物」,台中市立港區藝術中心,台灣台中 


2017 「2017高雄獎」,高雄市立美術館,台灣高雄

2016 「台南藝術博覽會」聯展,台南大億麗緻酒店,台灣台南

2015 「新藝潮國際藝術學院新進博覽New Art Wave Expo」,澳門 

2012 「官能宇宙」,實踐大學設計學院,台灣台北
         「Party is over」,實踐大學設計學院,台灣台北
         「Mo.Art Relax」,Insomnia Cafe,台灣台北
         「遊走旅行間的虛與實」,Escape artist,台灣台北 

2009 「弔詭的愉悅」,國立台南大學,台灣台南



Education & Experiences

2009 B.F.A., Department of Fine Art, National Chiayi University,
         Chiayi, Taiwan

2014 M.Des., Department of Communications Design, Shih Chien University,
        Taipei, Taiwan

Solo Exhibitions

2018 “ART CENTRAL,” RIVER ART Booth, Hong Kong

2017 “The Mechanical New Order Part I:CHEN Yenping Solo Exhibition,”
          Young Art Taipei, Sheraton Grand Taipei Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan

2016 “EROSION.AURA:Solo Exhibition of CHEN Yenping,”
          River Art, Miaoli, Taiwan

2014 “Modern Men to Their Digital Surroundings,”
          Artspace Wenhua179, New Taipei City, Taiwan

2013 “The Stills,” Taichung City Seaport Art Center,
          Taichung, Taiwan

Group Exhibitions

2017 “2017 Kaohsiung Awards,” Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts,
          Kaohsiung, Taiwan
         “ART TAIPEI,” RIVER ART Booth, Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1,
         Taipei, Taiwan

2016 “Art Taichung,” Millennium Hotels and Resorts, Taichung, Taiwan
         “Art Tainan,” Tayih Landis Hotel Tainan, Tainan, Taiwan
         “Formosa Art Show,” Humble House Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan

2015 “New Art Wave Expo,” Macau

2009 “Icy-hot,” National University of Tainan, Tainan, Taiwan
         “The Digital Tsai-Mo Exhibition of Nationwide College and University,”
          Tainan University of Technology, Tainan, Taiwan

2012 “Cos-cosmos,” College of Design, Shih Chien University, Taipei, Taiwan
         “Party is over,” College of Design, Shih Chien University, Taipei, Taiwan
         “Mo. Art Relax,” Insomnia Cafe, Taipei, Taiwan
         “Wandering through the reality on journey,” Escape artist, Taipei, Taiwan