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【蕭勤作品收藏展】The Exhibition of Hsiao Chin



The Exhibition of Hsiao Chin

| 展期 Duration |2015.11.07 (Sat) – 2015.12.06 (Sun) 
| 地點    Venue  |大河美術 RIVER ART
| 地址  Address |苗栗縣三義鄉水美305號 No.305, Shuimei, Sanyi, Miaoli, Taiwan





Who are we? What is the purpose of life? These two pivotal philosophical queries have perplexed numerous thinkers and artists. The year of 2015 marks the age of 80 years old for Hsiao Chin, a milestone of the long-living artist, a master of mesmerizing colors who has touched countless art-lovers and collectors with his perseverance and continual creativity.

From the philosophies of Lao Tzu to Tantric murals, underneath Hsiao’s dazzling colors lies the possibilities of meditation and enigmatic riddles, a depth beyond Minimalism that extracted the crystalized ancient intellect, to Hsiao, his innovation was built on tradition, this continuation of the old became his own unique elegance with the modern influences. Hsiao’s daughter Samantha passed away in Los Angeles in 1990, this incited the beginning of his new theme of works titled “The Great Threshold”; a continuance of pursuing the meaning of life and the universe. He once said: “I’m not of the Earth originally, I’m from space. If there’s a chance, I would want to explore space.”
On life, Hsiao has a nonchalant outlook, along with the curiosity of the infinite cosmos, he has been exploring with his paintings in the whirlpool of time. The colors so intense as if comprising the boundless universe within, a complex and paradoxical parallel of emptiness and void, this is a timeless trial, an immortal life, to Hsiao, religion is not a boundary but a beginning of his imagination.

We sincerely invite you to explore the art world of Hsiao Chin with us, realizing the real life contained in the cosmic energy.

展出作品 Exhibiting Works