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【消蝕·迴光──陳硯平個展】Erosion, Aura—Solo Exhibition of Chen Yenping



Erosion, Aura—Solo Exhibition of Chen Yenping

| 展期 Duration |2016.06.04 (Sat) – 2016.07.10 (Sun) 
| 開幕 Opening |2016.06.04 (Sat) 2PM
| 地點    Venue  |大河美術 RIVER ART
| 地址  Address |苗栗縣三義鄉水美305號 No.305, Shuimei, Sanyi, Miaoli, Taiwan



Emerging artist Chen Yenping, aged 30, was born in 1986 in Taipei, Taiwan. He graduated from National Chiayi University with a bachelor degree in Fine Arts and Shih Chien University with a master degree in Communications Design. This series of creations focuses on a fortuitous experience of visiting ruins, exploring the disappearance and rebirth of life and thus to re-examine the stages of life of the self. He reflects the meaning of life in the process of connecting external experience and internal feelings, trying to end the stream of time by the form of creation. He seeks for the aura, which is the eternal existence contained in the change of disappearance and rebirth, at the end of the tunnel among the continuous vanishing and decaying of life of the individual. 

CHEN uses bleach as a pigment, with characteristics of destruction and rebirth coexisted, to smear and spray intuitively on dark cotton to create corrosion and ablation, so it fades out to a relative brightness in the darkness without preparations for a draft. By observing people, architecture, and decorative symbols, he connects beads and found objects commonly seen in the family through sutures to link together the reflections of hallucinations and substance. Thus, he converts abstract emotions into understandable messages, guiding people to walk into a phantom world.

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