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【永不滿足の消費渴望──西岡良太個展】Craving for Insatiable Consumptive Behavior-Ryota Nishioka Solo Exhibition



Craving for Insatiable Consumptive Behavior-Ryota Nishioka Solo Exhibition

| 展期 Duration |2017.04.22 (Sat) – 2017.05.31 (Wed) 
| 地點    Venue  |大河美術 RIVER ART
| 地址  Address |苗栗縣三義鄉水美305號 No.305, Shuimei, Sanyi, Miaoli, Taiwan



Ryota Nishioka was born in Ehime Prefecture, Japan in 1980 and graduated from Kochi University, the International Communication Department. Based on acrylic colors, he uses airbrush and pen to create fantastic world on paper, which pervades a sense of cold and distant in weird atmosphere within his fictional architecture and space where light and shadow interweaved. To him, when he starts to outline imaginary scenes on plain paper, it seems like to explore an unknown land, which might upset him yet full of expectation. Though not graduated from any art related departments, he practices diligently by self-learning and leads to great skills. With conscientious attitude and delicate brushwork, he achieves a distinctive style in his foreign wonderland where imagine accumulated.

“Craving for Insatiable Consumptive Behavior”, the solo exhibition of Ryota Nishioka, presents an industrialized world full of man-made objects in his own imagination. In order to maintain the economic system of mass production and consumption to fulfill human needs, the man-made objects in this world work all day long; human devote themselves into the cycle of mass production and consumption day by day just like a machine even though they are the dominator of this world. However, human needs can never be satisfied and the economic system of mass production and consumption can only keep on cycling as if an endless nightmare. He not only touches upon human helplessness of being restricted by labor works but also imagines man-made objects’ true feelings of diligent working in humanistic view, hoping to reunderstand human condition and the relationship between human and man-made objects during endless wars between human and their desires.

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