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【靈性飛翔──黃圻文創作個展】 Soaring Spirituality-Huang Chyi-Wen Solo Exhibition



Soaring Spirituality-Huang Chyi-Wen Solo Exhibition

| 展期 Duration |2018.06.02 (Sat) – 2018.07.29 (Sun) 
| 開幕 Opening |2018.06.02 (Sat) 3PM (藝術家將出席 The artist will be in attendance)
| 地點   Venue  |大河美術 RIVER ART
| 地址 Address |苗栗縣三義鄉水美305號 No.305, Shuimei, Sanyi, Miaoli, Taiwan



Devoted himself to art creation for almost 40 years, Huang Chyi-Wen has been diligently practiced aesthetics of living and kept the spirit of folk entertainment to participate in the contemporary art circle of Taiwan. After ending the teaching career recently, he continues transcending himself and breaking the limits to become a professional artist and is formally invited for the first time to hold his 62th solo exhibition which is worthwhile to spare your time for a presence.

This solo exhibition will display Huang Chyi-Wen’s works which combine various materials and techniques, transcending the concept of traditional art models. Loyal to his own values and constantly challenging or breaking his limits, he escapes from the framework set by the definition of Eastern and Western performance and abolishes the opposition between dynamic and static painting. His return to intuition integrates strokes and colors on the canvas like they are naturally breathing, giving shape to the moving expressions of inner life, with automatic and skillful brush strokes he brings out the fullness and truthfulness of the subconscious and lets the spirituality soar freely, injecting an endless stream into the collective spirit desert to purify and comfort people’s hearts infinitely.


黃圻文,1960年出生於臺灣臺中霧峰,東海大學美術研究所碩士,臺中二十號倉庫第二屆、第三屆駐站藝術家,曾任高雄市立美術館助理研究員、國立臺中科技大學進修部暨逢甲大學通識教育中心講師,現專事創作及寫作。1986年獲臺北市立美術館「中華民國水墨抽象展」優選獎。率先跨越東西方文化,打破動靜態方式及傳統現代不同視野觀點;結合書法、音樂、舞蹈多元藝術首創「搖滾墨書」,其另一驚人前衛大型藝術創作行動潑彩代表作,「搖滾繪畫」〈紋化城・瘋畫城 (A)〉為國立臺灣交響樂團永久典藏。長期耕耘書、詩、畫、歌跨界揮灑生命青春,於國內、外個展六十二次、聯展二百餘回,2015年受邀代表臺灣,以個展參加第十三屆德國科隆ART. FAIR國際藝術博覽會,為其創作生涯的重要里程碑。

About HUANG Chyi-Wen

Born in Wufeng, Taichung, Taiwan in 1960, HUANG Chyi-Wen graduated from Tunghai University with a master degree in Fine Arts. He used to be the 2nd and 3rd resident artist of Stock 20 in Taichung, an assistant curator of Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, and a part-time lecturer at the Night Division of National Taichung University of Science and Technology as well as the Liberal Arts Center of Feng Chia University, and is now a full-time artist and writer. He won the prize of superiority of “The ROC Exhibition of the Ink Abstract Painting” of Taipei Fine Arts Museum in 1986. Being the founder of “Rock & Roll with Ink & Calligraphy” which combines calligraphy, music and dance into diverse arts, he takes the lead in crossing over the cultural boundaries of East and West, breaking the points of view of the difference between dynamic and static, traditional and modern. Another representative artwork “City of Patterned Paints and Playful Paintings (A)”—an action painting with splashed color which is called a “Rock & Roll Painting”, is astonishing, avant-garde, and giant, permanently collected by National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra. Crossing the boundaries to live out the life, he has devoted himself to writing, poetry, painting and song for a long period and has held solo exhibitions for 62 times as well as joint exhibitions over 200 times at home and abroad. In the year 2015, he was invited to represent Taiwan to hold a solo exhibition at the 13th “ART.FAIR Cologne” in Germany, which is considered as an important milestone in his art career.

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